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How to stay motivated?
This can be tough. We all want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, exercise, and have fun! But it can be hard with everything going on in life. With school, work, responsibilities, and more, our healthy lifestyles are often pushed aside and forgotten. How can you balance life and stay motivated with your healthy habits?
Eating Healthy:
Figure out a good plan. A general one- like which days you need to cook, go to the store, workout, do your assignments, work, visit with friends, etc. Making a plan can help you organize your week so you have more time to get everything done! If you have a test tomorrow then plan on studying tonight and working out tomorrow! 
Find new recipes- don’t get bored of the same old foods that you eat everyday! Try something new every week! It is more fun and gives you a great opportunity to try new things!
Buy a health book! I love reading about healthy eating and learning about all of the benefits! It really motivates me to eat right!
Shop at health food stores! I always get so excited when I get to go to Trader Joes or Whole Foods! I love going there and picking out healthy foods and it definitely motivates me to eat right!
Cook with a friend or family! It can be really fun cooking with someone and your family will definitely love the extra help!
Make healthy versions of your favorite foods! It doesn’t have to be boring! There are so many good, delicious, & healthy recipes out there! 
Flavor up your water with different fruits!
Working Out:
Set goals! I love having a running plan to follow throughout the week! You don’t have to follow it perfectly but having a basic plan can definitely help to keep you on track!
Remember your goals. Whether you write them down, make a motivation board, etc. Find what works for you! It is important that you keep them in mind! Remember what you are working for and why you are doing this! 
Record your progress. Whether it is in the amount of reps you can do, distance you can run, weight you can lift, progress pictures of you, or whatever you want to use, being able to track your progress over time and see how far you have come definitely helps!
Find a friend! Friends make most things more fun! Start working out with them, going to the store, cooking new recipes, and just having fun! You two can keep each other on track!
Try a new gym class! Now that I belong to the gym I go often! They have all kinds of equipment (so you can mix it up!) and a bunch of classes! From yoga, to cycling, to kick boxing, to aqua aerobics! Find something fun and new ! It is always great to try new things! 
Buy some new workout gear! It doesn’t have to be nice or expensive but sometimes just having something new is motivating! I bought a $10 running armband and I always use it and I was so motivated to run once I got it!
Mix up your routine! You can change your running path, change your workout routine, try something new, do it at a different time of day! Whatever makes it more fun for you!
Make a new playlist! Who doesn’t love when that one song comes on that really gets you going? Make a whole playlist of songs like that!
Remember how it makes you feel! I love how I feel from eating healthy & working out and it definitely motivates me to keep it up !
How to stay motivated during recovery:
Always remember what you are working for. Remember who you want to become and how amazing your life will be once you rid the disorder. Imagine it, write it down, whatever you want- never forget why you are recovering.
Tell yourself everyday that you are beautiful - 10 times a day! It helps- it may feel weird at first but it does help! You will feel happier & better and self-love is so important during recovery!
Find support. Whether it be a professional, a friend, your family, whoever. Find someone who supports you and can help you during times when you are struggling! We all slip up and it is important to have someone to go to when you need help!
Find someone who inspires you. Let them be your motivation to keep going! You don’t have to be just like them but you can use their successes to inspire your own!
Become an inspiration to others! The way you deal with your recovery and hard times will greatly inspire others when they are struggling as well! Keep your head up & never give up! 
I hope this helps you all stay motivated ! I am here if you ever need any help or anything else (:
-Casey (toethefinishline)
Anonymous asked:
You look so stunning!! *-*

Aww thank you!!! (:

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i agree with your guys team :o

Gah thanks! (:

Running as a team has been so much better than running alone this summer. I absolutely love running with this team and actually being able to go with them (: it’s such a better atmosphere than high school, here everyone waaaants to be there and work for it more. We cheer everyone on after we finish and high five after every practice and it’s just such a positive team so far. That’s what I need. Rehab has been going well, getting strong and adding weights to my ankles on the lifts and what not. I just can’t wait until I can do all the workouts with the team normally!


Run free
The guys XC team has apparently come to a consensus that I’m “super hot” and it honestly made my day (: hahaha
Post practice snack! Not pictured: chocolate milk and peanut butter granola bar.

Rehab sucks.

Apparently the trainer says it’s more of an IT band problem than anything so we started rehab today and it was tough! The bike and heating it were obviously easy but standing on one foot on a balancing object and throwing a ball at a trampoline..that got hard. Facing forward and to the right wasn’t bad but facing the left was awfuuuuul. Every time I put my foot down I had to restart and it just kept getting tighter and tighter. Now I’m just hanging around on my futon, waiting to go take our pictures for the website. Then the team will go do a workout on our course and I will go bike for a bit. It’s been a long day..I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when you add classes in too.