Post practice snack! Not pictured: chocolate milk and peanut butter granola bar.

Rehab sucks.

Apparently the trainer says it’s more of an IT band problem than anything so we started rehab today and it was tough! The bike and heating it were obviously easy but standing on one foot on a balancing object and throwing a ball at a trampoline..that got hard. Facing forward and to the right wasn’t bad but facing the left was awfuuuuul. Every time I put my foot down I had to restart and it just kept getting tighter and tighter. Now I’m just hanging around on my futon, waiting to go take our pictures for the website. Then the team will go do a workout on our course and I will go bike for a bit. It’s been a long day..I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when you add classes in too.

First day on campus was a success (: things were awkward in the beginning since I was the only new person so I didn’t know anyone or where anything was since my friends were gone and no one on the team would talk to me or anything, but then after they ran (I still can’t ): ) they warmed up a little bit and started talking to me more! I got all of my stuff moved in and my dorm looks so weird because I’m so weird but it’s awesome (: My Walking Dead and Disney posters are all up of courseee. It feels homey to me somehow and I love it! I can’t wait to keep growing close to my team as the week goes on!! 

Anonymous asked:
You have THE biggest/cutest smile ever 😍

Dawwww that’s so sweet! Thank you!! (:



You look at the events previous years results to see if you have a chance of placing.


Chia pudding topped with blueberry smoothie, kiwi and blueberries 👌