Anonymous: Hey Madi! I read that you have a running injury, so I thought I'd ask about mine! I have pain inside my right knee (on the outside but still in the knee). Do you have any idea what this could be? If it's a problem with the actual joint, do you know if there's anything that could even be done about it? I need to run! I miss running! I took 5-6 months off because of this and just started again today and the pain is still there :( 

Hey!! (: Wow, my first idea would have been to rest but it sounds like you have been doing that for a long time! To me it sounds like and IT band problem so I would check out this link because it has some really good info on it that will hopefully help you out and get you back out there ASAP (:

Anonymous: Hi! You look/ed amazing in your prom photos and i was wondering where you got your dress from? and if you could link it please? 

Thank you!! (: I got it from etsy and I highly recommend it!! it was amazing!

Anonymous: Hey your an amazing person and we all love you. 

Awww!! (: Thank you so much!! I love you all tooooooo (: 

I am attempting to get work done at Starbucks but I am way too distracted by the cute boy and girl talking in a freaking coffee shop..I can’t. So cute. (:

thelifeofmeghan: I saw you're post about breaking 6, that's really cool, I'm a freshman and I really want to break 6 more than anything. 

Oh yessss such a good memory from last season (: it took me awhile to break six so I’m positive if you work hard you will definitely do it too!!!