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Collis Birminghan and Harry Summers (known for running always in Five Finger Shoes) among others in Falls Creek (Australia)

thats right mr. egg  I hope you dont mind I ate two of you this morning. :D my bad


New American steeplechase record. Emma Coburn.

Ran like a champ
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you have such a beautiful smile!!

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Oh Abbey



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So this is my first transformation picture I’ve ever made but it’s transformation tuesday I guess… This is hard for me to post but I’ve made so much mental progress in the last 6 months it’s ridiculous. The picture on the very left was in August of 2012, when I had been eating close to nothing for about 10 months. I weighed 96 pounds. I loved how everyone had been telling me how skinny I’d gotten and how they were jealous of my self control. However, they didn’t know the reason for why I wasn’t eating. I am a perfectionist. I wanted to be perfect, the best, in every aspect of my life. That included school, wrestling, and my body. I thought very low of myself. In this picture I thought I was fat so I kept restricting. But biology caught up with me and I had my first binge in September of 2012. I began bingeing and restricting in order to stay skinny and I also had to keep my weight down for wrestling. But when I finished my high-school wrestling career, I said fuck it and rebelled against restricting. I ate and ate and ate. Since I didn’t have to make weight, I finally could. I wrestled in the 97 pound weight class my senior year (up until July 2013). The second picture is this past November, during college. I had gotten up to 126. I didn’t even know what hunger or fullness was anymore. I just ate until I was extremely uncomfortable and couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me. Where had my motivation and my love for fitness gone? In December I finally decided that this wasn’t who I was. I love being fit. I love working out. I love working hard. So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I stopped bingeing (with the help of the book Intuitive Eating, I highly recommend it for anyone with any type of issues with eating). Now I am a normal healthy weight at about 106-108 lbs. I nourish my body with healthy foods along with other types of food if I feel like it. I eat when I’m hungry and stop eating when I’m satisfied.  I lift 5-6x a week and do cardio 3-5x a week. I am getting the muscle I had accumulated during wrestling back. And I have never been happier with myself.

sometimes i just have to remind myself how far ive come. and im nowhere near done.

Am I dreaming right now?

Remember who the real competition is.