Shin Splints!

It’s that time of year again..the air is getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter as we grab our running shoes and hit the road. But what happens when we get too excited and hit the road a little too hard? Injuries are bound to occur. Shin splints are one of the most common injuries in runners and can be very painful.

What are shin splints?
Shin splints are an inflammation of muscle infront of the tibia. To a runner it could feel like sharp pains in the shins and under the calves.

Shin splints are caused by :
Hard surfaces (cement, track, etc)
Old shoes

You can treat shin splints by :
Icing (freezing water in a styrofoam cup and then rubbing it on your shins works AMAZINGLY, I would also reccomend ice baths!)
Massaging (foam rollers and even golf balls work very well! I always keep a golf ball in my bag for after track and xc)
Anti-inflammatory medicine (Ibuprofen works for me!)
New shoes (if yours are worn down)

Resting is not fun, especially if you participate in sports and do not want to miss out on practices. Last season in track I had to sit out for two weeks because my shin splints got so bad. Treat them early while you can! If you don’t treat shin splints they can eventually lead to a stress fracture which takes a lot longer to heal and requires professional help. Listen to your body and be careful or you might regret it later! Happy running!! (:

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